web designer

Twelve years designing websites and still not fed up with all this design stuff. View some of my favorite projects or learn more about me.

Doshirak Campaign

Art Direction, Prototyping, UI/UX, Motion Design, Photography

Leroy Merlin Intranet Design

Prototyping, Web Design, UI/UX
View project on Art. Lebedev Studio website in Russian or English.

The Fence Book

Art Direction, Design, Production
I went through my disctrict and documented every fence design it has and then I published a book about it. Why would anyone do this you might ask. Well...

Experience Opera

Art Direction, Design

MMOMA Motion Graphics

Motion Design

Designed & Undesigned

Programming, Design, Production

Making of the Fence

Design, Production


Design, Production

BHSAD Graphic Design 2017 Website

Web Design, UI/UX, Front & Back-end Development

Music Response


Programming, Product Design