About me

It started 12 years ago

I began designing websites around 2006 (at 11 y.o.) dedicating them to Britney and Teddy Bears. Then I got introduced to a magical world of Photoshop and ImageReady and used my homepages to display my countless wallpapers, animated avatars and god knows what else. I was also interested in coding and designed and coded free ready-to-use website layouts. It wasn't a surprise when I chose to study graphic design after school graduation. Today, 12 years later I'm still truly fond of this fascinating and challenging field, and the further I get involved the more I understand, how much there is yet to learn.

Work & Education

Web Designer in Art. Lebedev Studio

Branding, website concepts, prototyping.
Moscow, Russia

Graphic Designer (intern) in PAYBACK

Print and digital advertising design.
Munich, Germany

British Higher School of Art & Design

BA (Hons) Graphic Design
Moscow, Russia

By the way

I usually work in Adobe programms as well as in Sketch and Figma. As for prototyping and animations, I prefer Flinto and After Effects. Often my HTML5, CSS5 and JavaScript knowledge comes in handy. Processing is fun for some projects as well. And of course nothing can beat my A4 sketchbook. You can reach to me in Russian, English or German – i’ll get it.