Code delivery system redesign

Lead UX/UI Designer
What I did
UX, UI, Prototyping, Animation

Released. Accessed by developers.

Redesign of an automatized code delivery system for developers and an implementation of ABAC access model into interface.

Continuous integration and continous delivery is used in software engineering as a developing practice that allows front and back end developers to automate the constant process of publishing new projects, to control versions of the projects and see who and when made changes to them. Because of its structure, that the whole system is not monolithic but decomposed in many small bits of code, an error in one piece does not fail the whole system, but affects only the local part.

For the privacy reasons all the information and real link names presented in the layouts and screenshots were replaced with made up ones.

Problem #1: Navigation

In the existing system there was a complex menu that contained several types of entities that were visually the same and confused the usage. We had to present a menu that clearly showed them and was easy in navigating.

Menu with many levels and different types of sections.
Bread crumbs are another way to navigate in this complex structure. By clicking on each level you can see the list of projects, clusters or groups and go to the one you need quickly.

Problem #2: Presentation of content and functionality

The space was not used effectively: important content often was jammed; logically connected blocks were not visually connected; connection between blocks of content and actions was not obvious.

Problems are especially noticeable with narrow screen.

Content had to be presented progressively, page to page, not simultaneously on one page as previously.

Problem #3: Lack of important functionality

We enhanced service with some important elements that were previously not present at all, but would be convenient for developers e.g. log, deployment settings and variables.
List of variables that is always at hand.