Opera advertising campaign for young people

advertising, photography

Most people of the age from 20 to 30 don’t consider opera worth visiting. That happens because of several reasons: they tend to think that opera is “not for them”, it’s too expensive, too posh, too old and it’s hard to understand. The aim of this campaign is to show that opera is relevant to their life and therefore every person can enjoy it.
The way to do it is to stress the connection between opera and contemporary life. Even though operas were written many years ago, people can still relate to the themes that are represented in them: love, friendship, jealousy, happiness, money, death etc.

Strategy:Taking popular opera plots and putting them in contemporary context. Visual approach: metaphor + quote from libretto.

We can refer to a particular aspect in the opera plot through visual methaphor – a contemporary object that relates to the theme. It can give a clue what opera might be about. When gathered together they can create an interesting and exciting collage that will encourage people to research about opera and possibly see it. The accompanying quote taken from opera's libretto adds extra ironic meaning to the picture and also connects it to the particular opera.

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