Designed & Undesigned

Coding, Processing, Editorial

Designed & Undesigned is a book of two perspectives. What is professional design and how can we distinguish it from the amateur, unprofessional one? How can something undesigned be designed and vice versa? What can be considered to be “designed”, anyway? Very often inspiration for designers comes from things they are surrounded by, things they see on the streets, things that are made by people who are not involved in the creative fields. Therefore those things are not really designed. Or are they?

As an example, the book takes walls of the buildings that are being constantly repainted with different colours and explores the relationship between them, allowing reader to deconstruct the whole composition layer by layer or to look at the combinations as a palette. The program that creates a palette is made with Processing. The amount of each color it uses depends on the actual amount of colour on the wall.

Each page of the book represents one layer of paint of a particular wall. There is a texture of the wall on the one side and the plain matching color on another. Several pages which are cut in different ways create a palette and reader as he flips them can see how colours work together. Title pages show the picture of a particular wall with coordinates and a palette, generated with computer program. Below it there are swatches with CMYK colour codes.

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