The Making of The Fence

Art Direction, Editorial
Uni Project
Documentation of the process of working on The Fence project.

Design and publication of the book descriribing the process of working on The Fence the was a part of the final major project. It was a documentation of the work on the project, that included evaluations, reflections, primary and secondary research and everything else related to the process that influenced the result.

The idea of index and classification influenced the design of the book. All the notes, captions, reflections and other text is represented in the first part of the book, the "yellow part". There are also the descriptions of the sources from secondary research, the most important ones highlighed with bigger serif font. Notes belong to the secondary research and represent thoughts about gathered objects, scenery and possible ways of developing the project.

The "pink part" contains all the imagery related to the project, from the found works of other people, that belonged to the secondary research, to my own photos of production. It also features maps, schemes and sketches used during the development stage.

The last two pages are dedicated to the official answer from the Mitino District Council concerning the question about the design and installation of the fences, the main subject of The Fence project.